Sunday, January 2, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

In an effort to be more financially fit this year.  I am going to take menu planning seriously.  So here we go, my first menu plan of 2011.

Since I will be shopping the ads and using coupons, my menu plan will revolve around that.

     Breakfast- oatmeal
     Lunch- spagetti
     Dinner- ham and egg casserole

    Breakfast- Cereal
    Lunch- sandwiches
    Dinner- Pork Chops

  Breakfast- Cereal
  Lunch- Go out to lunch
  Dinner- Turkey, stuffing and potatoes

   Breakfast - Breakfast burritoes
   Lunch- frozen pizza
  Dinner- Turkey noodle soup

  Breakfast-  Smoothies and toast
  Lunch- Turkey casserole
  Dinner- Tacos

   Breakfast- Waffles bacon and eggs
   Lunch- Tuna Salad Sandwiches
   Dinner- Baked Potatoes and Chili

   Brunch:  Pancakes, sausage and eggs
   Dinner:  Big Family Dinner (bring baked butternut squash as pot luck)

I am usually a spontaneous person by nature, so I will have to see how this whole planning out a week thing will work for me.    Next week I may just try planning 6 dinner, 6 breakfasts, and 6 lunches, and use them any day I feel like, and that will leave me some free meals to just wing it.

To see more menu plans check out

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