Thursday, January 20, 2011

Homeschooling through a move part 1



Let me start with what we/I did before today. 


Paul went to the local grocery store at 4am to get boxes.   


I had went through all the kids clothes and toys.  I got rid of any that are too small, ripped, stained, or if they just don’t wear them or play with them anymore.  I sold what I could to consignment stores etc.  The rest I just gave to thrift stores. 


It honestly feels so great to have gotten rid of so much. 


I also went through our food storage and assessed what we have and what will be expiring soon.   


I created a moving day schedule/checklist.


Thursday 1/20 – plumber scheduled to come look at a slow drain.   -Normal schooling – pack basement (must be done by Friday) includes kids rooms, storage rooms, and laundry room.  Paul and my brother will be going through the garage and shed. –Turkey enchiladas for dinner


Friday 1/21 – pack my bedroom and all knick knacks and decorations through out the house.  - Normal Schooling  - Basketball game 7pm -


Saturday 1/22 – pack books other than the ones needed for school the following week.  - pack movies


Sunday 1/23 – Pack bathroom and misc.  Plan weeks menu. 


Moving day is on Thursday 1/27, and I am going to try to school clear up to Wednesday 1/26.  We are only going to take Thursday and Friday off. 


Whew, I will be keeping you all posted on our progress.

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