Friday, January 21, 2011


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Speekee is a fun internet streamed video program.  It aims to teach children ages 2-10.  There are 10 episodes, each with a different theme.  Each theme also includes printables to go along with it. 

Speekee is sold as a monthly subscription for $7.50 per month.  The first two weeks are free right now.  For us it wouldn’t take very long to get through the entire 10 episodes, so it could be budgeted as a short term subscription. 

Speekee uses a spiral, immersion teaching style.  Where each lesson builds on the previous one, and no English is spoken, only Spanish.   I took a little Spanish throughout my schooling years, I remember very little.  I think my children have learned as much as I know.

I did watch the videos with my children.  We all sang along to the songs, they are very catchy, and in Spanish. However, I would feel completely comfortable leaving my children to watch these videos while I got something done, (ie, a shower, laundry, dinner going)  Each video was less than 20 minutes and commercial free.  

To see if the lessons really stuck with my children, we did the worksheets the day following us watching the lessons.  For only watching the video once they remembered the words well. 

Even though some of the characters and songs are a little “young” for my older children, Speekee still held their attention and they were even singing with the songs.I think it helped that there were also real people in the episodes as well.

I think that Speekee is worth at least giving it a try.  With the first two weeks being free, you can’t beat it. 

They also come in DVD form.  However, the company is European, so make sure your DVD player in PAL-compatible. 

To see what other crew members thought check out our crew blog.  

Direct link to Speekee blog post

{I received a subscription to Speekee in exchange for my honest review, as my part of being on The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew. My opinion was not altered in any way.  I received no other compensation.} 

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Nameless said...

Thank you so much for your review of Speekee TV. I really appreciate you and the kids taking the time to watch the 10 episodes, and I am pleased to hear about the impact made - especially what those catchy songs have done! I am sending you my best wishes from Spain today. Jim - Speekee's friend.


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