Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our CHRISTmas learning plans.

I have been coming up with some fun as well as spiritual plans for the month of December. 

Each night beginning December 1st we are going to be reading a CHRISTmas story and scripture as well as singing a hymn.  We will be doing this from a book my mother made me years ago.


Each day it tells you which story to read and a hymn.  It is really neat, and we treasure it. 

cover2-christmasx200Each day we will be doing an activity from  Discover Christmas which I got from Discover the Scriptures.  We did many activities from it last year, and the kids asked to do them again!  It is a very fun way to teach/ remember the meaning of CHRISTmas, along with fun activities. 

The first week in December we will be making gingerbread houses to enter in a gingerbread house competition in our community on Dec. 7th.

The second week in December we will be busy with holiday baking, wrapping and whatever else. 

The third week in December we will be finalizing our Sub for Santa stuff and delivering it.   I also hope to fit some snow tubing in this week.  Shhh, that’s a surprise. 

The forth week in December, we will be celebrating the birth of Christ as a family and enjoying our time together. 

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