Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review 2011



Wow what a great year this has been! 

2011 has certainly taken my family for a ride.


My husband was looking at new jobs in a new town far away.  He received a job offer and was laid off practically immediately after the offer.  So of course he accepted and we moved our family 4 hours from anyone we knew with less than a month notice. 


We were just settling into our new town and home.  The temperatures in the Winter here are a lot colder than we are used to.  Think –20 degrees F. in the mornings. BRRRR!!!!  We continued to Homeschool the same way we had been in our old house.


With the cold freezing weather getting out and meeting others was definitely a challenge.  We made the decision to enroll all the children in Public  School.  They all fit in just fine and made friends quickly, they all tested in at on or above level in all subjects also.  We also got our Chickens this month.


With the kids in Public School, I found myself with the urge to still homeschool them, so what I did was chose things that I wanted to work on with them and set up an afterschool type environment.  (In the end I found this to be somewhat detrimental for my children, they needed the time to be able to entertain themselves, etc.)  Toward the end of April Tyler broke his arm, falling down our stairs.  This all happened while my husband was traveling for work in North Dakota.


The weather really began to warm up around here and we started to discover our little town.  We went to our local chamber of commerce and got a ton of information about what our town offers.  We found tons of hiking and Petroglyphs.  We began to take advantage of this very much.


We went on a family vacation.  We went to Lake Havasu, AZ to see family, we saw the Hoover Dam, we also stayed in Las Vegas for almost a week.  It was such a blast.


We did our normal camping and Summer time fun this month. 


We also kept this a calm fun relaxing Summer month.


We did a week long stay-cation in our town.  It was a whole lot of fun.  We really learned so much about what our area has to offer. The best part of it has to be our river rafting trip we took down the green river. We also began school this month.  We tried out something new this time, K12.  


It began to feel like we are finally starting to settle into our new life.  Our homeschool is back into full swing also.  Reviews were also in total full swing this month.


My husband and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary.  We took a “honeymoon” since we never actually had one.  We went back to Las Vegas with out any kids this time.  I participated in the Gratitude Challenge, which was so much fun.  We also did some traveling for Thanksgiving. 


We had an amazing December. It has been such a special time for family.  I really let blogging sit on the back burner this month and while I have enjoyed the break, I am also looking forward to what next year holds.  I love writing this blog. 

We traveled to the city for my Grandmother in Laws funeral.  We were also able to see lots of family from out of town. We have also decided that we love our new life.  My husband loves his job, and we love our community. We put the house we left behind in the city, that we have been renting out, on the market.  So after almost a year of being here, I finally feel I am ready to really start my life here!

Whew what a year!!!  After writing this I realized it sounds like we travel non stop.  That is what it felt like too.  For 2012 we are definitely going to try and travel LESS.  

I wish you and yours a wonderful 2012!


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Jennifer said...

That is a wonderful look back. Happy New Year!


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