Friday, December 2, 2011

Take the headache out of gift exchanges.



For sometime now I have been using Elfster for gift exchanges.  It all started with a group of us that all sold AVON together.  (I no longer sale.) 

We set up a Secret Santa Exchange each year.  We used Elfster to draw.   It was so easy to do.  For about 3 years now I have been using it to set up our family draw. 

I just invite everyone via email and set up a draw date.  If there are any draw restrictions like husbands and wives cannot draw each other, or you can’t draw the same person you drew the year before. 

Each person can go in and set up a “wishlist”  using hyperlinks, or just mentioning what they would like. 

Elfster is FREE!!!!

I know that the season is about CHRIST.

This website makes the giving part so much easier.  Less stress so you can focus more on the reason for the season.   

No list to keep track of.

You can keep it Secret, by asking questions to your draw anonymously.

I just wrote this review because Elfster has made my life so much easier.  It really is neat, and free.  I gain nothing from this. 


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