Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time for changes….



The end of the year always leaves me reflecting on the past year.  Thinking about if I have been settling.  Thinking about what I could do better.  Thinking about what went well and what works perfectly. 

So I normally write down some resolutions.  I try to “limit” it to no more than 20.  I mean I could think of so many things to do better, then I would just get depressed at how much work I think I  need Winking smile.    

Years past it has always been things like exercise more, save more money, be a better wife, mother, friend. 

And while those are great goals, they are just too vague for me.  This year I have been thinking about ways to really make some changes for the better. 

Tim over at Families Again posted a great article about how to do just that. 

As soon as I read it, which was moments ago, I knew THAT is what I had to do.  So I will be setting up a few GOALS a month and then posting my progress on them.  Then each month I will be reflecting and seeing the progress as opposed to waiting a year and only seeing the resolutions that I didn’t make.  (Really the gym lasted a few months this year, and I still go occasionally, once in the last 6 months is occasionally, right?)

I have got my thinking cap on now as to which ones I would like to work on first.   

Let’s see……..

I am going to start out slowly so how about in January I focus on 2 things:

  • Eating out less, and having more healthy snacks in the house.  My dinners are planned pretty well with E-Mealz. I still struggle with breakfast and lunches. 
  • Keeping Laundry caught up.  I will do at least 1 batch every day, all the way through.  WASH –DRY- FOLD- PUT AWAY

I am going to start focusing now, a head start for me is always good.  Then check back in February to hopefully celebrate my successes!!! 


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