Sunday, April 8, 2012

Runaway Bunny ~Before Five In A Row~



Tyler has been obsessed (to say the least) with rainbows, ever since St. Patrick’s Day.  I added rainbows into his activities this week.

Day 1:


We began by reading the book The Runaway Bunny.

Once we read the book he played a bunny pattern game, a shape puzzle, and cut a rainbow cutting page. He was really proud of himself for cutting.  This was his first time using scissors.

Next we set up a fishing game for him he used a real carrot with a homemade fishing pole (thanks Daddy).  He fished for a bunny just like the momma did in the book. 


He caught one. P1010534


Then we had carrots for a snack.

Day 2: We read the book, did the shape puzzle, played the bunny pattern game all again.  He also climbed the stairs mountain looking for the baby bunny.


While reading the book we discussed the pictures.  We colored a color picture and drew a black and white one. 



Day 3: We read the story again, as well as the shape puzzle. We added in the bunny shadow match and tracing lines rainbow sheet.


We planted some flowers in a flower pot for the garden page. No, they are not crocus, but one was yellow.  Close enough, right?


Day 4:

We read the story, did the shape puzzle, played a animal match game. (We did it like memory, except with the cards face up.) We also played a rainbow match game, while eating a corn dog.


This day his fun activity was ice boats, I put some water in a cupcake tin, put tinfoil over it, stuck in toothpicks and froze it.  The next day I cut out paper triangles and stuck them on as sails, he loved this.  I just let him play at the kitchen sink on a stool.  I showed him how to blow the boats around without touching them. 



Day 5: We read the book, did the shape puzzle, played the animal match game and colored a rainbow page.


We did a tightrope walk this day as well.  My camera battery died so no picture of it.  I just laid a piece of string out and we practiced walking in a straight line. 


Another thing was we did a science experiment making milk rainbows.  All the kids loved this one.  In fact we have done it twice.  We learned this from watching Amazing Science Volume 1.   (Review coming soon)P1010575P1010578



I got my ideas for this unit from:

Before Five In A Row Manual

Homeschool Share

Do you want to know more about Before Five In a Row?  Check out my review of it here. 

This is linked to Tot School


Sarah said...

Oh the fishing for the bunny is so fun! What a great row!

Stefanie said...

Great row! Popping in from Tot School.

Anonymous said...

These activities look so fun! I love the idea of ice boats!

Tiffany said...

We are doing Before Five in A Row with my daughter. I think I'll be checking out your page more often to find some great ideas!

Karina Maes said...

Great post. Nicely organized. Thank you.



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