Thursday, June 28, 2012

Copy Work for Future Heroes.



Ami over at Walking by the Way has created a great new resource.  She has a great reputation of creating amazing FREE resources over at Homeschool Share.  Yep, she’s the owner.  While Homeschool Share is an amazing resource, everything over there is free. 

She has created yet another great resource.  Copy Work for Future Heroes.  She is charging for this, just $5.

Tommy has been working on copy work lately.  He has really enjoyed it.  I have never had Tommy do copy work before.  I always felt, maybe he was too old for it, or that is appealed more to girls.  Copy Work for Future Heroes has solved all those problems.  It appeals specifically to boys and it also did not seem to young for him. 

Copy work has so many benefits:

  • Handwriting
  • Memorization
  • Grammar
  • Spelling

And in Copy Work for Future Heroes add in:

  • Values
  • True, Noble and Excellent things to think about
  • Scriptures (NIV) and Quotes

This has been a great resource for my son.  He has been doing it first thing in the morning to help start his day.  It has helped him start the day with a fresh thought.  It also enabled him to take time and pay close attention to the way he formed letters, and to the grammar in the piece.   There are some quite long passages, those are broken up into multiple days. 

I highly recommend Copy Work for Future Heroes for your boys.


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