Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer schooling plans & goals.



We usually take our summers lighter on the book learning and let natural learning desires shine.

This summer is going to be a little different for us.  As some of you may have heard The Old Schoolhouse has changed in a few ways and one of those is that we are going to be doing reviews through the summer. 

On top of reviews this summer we are also going to have a 3 subject day.  Which will include 20 minutes of reading a book of choice.  Which we all have set personal reading goals.  (I will blog about those a little later)  20 minutes or one lesson of math.  Of which I am letting them do fun math.  Such as internet games, fun worksheets, especially reviewing items in which they struggled this past year.  The 3rd subject can be their choice.  Right now Emily is doing History.  Tommy is learning about Pioneers and preparing to go on TREK. ( A 3 day pioneer reenactment).  Katey is doing preschool with Tyler.  (Before Five in a Row.  These 3rd subjects are able to be changed at any time.  I know that Emily is looking at taking a photography class as well as learning to type better and get in more sewing.  Tommy is looking at learning more life skills as well.  He would like to get better at yard work, learn more mechanic skills, (like how to change a tire, change oil, etc.).  Katey likes the relaxed arts and crafts preschool time with Tyler.  I think she will continue to enjoy that, but if she wants more I will be ready to let her. 

We are also planning some camping trips and fun things to do right around our town. 

I am hoping to get all of  our next years schooling planned out.  However I would like to leave room for “rabbit trail” learning.

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Debbie Phillips said...

Sounds like really good plans. Reviews in the summer, interesting. We take completely off in the summer. Because of a few factors we were longer finishing up this year and so our summer break will be shorter. We are done the 180 days our state requires but the boys still both have work to finish up... so technically they are still doing school. I don't know about my sons but I really NEED a break. Of course, I don't have much time for one because I have much planning to do. I hope to spend at least one day a week just doing what I want and not working on school.


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