Monday, June 11, 2012

Keeping kids motivated to read by choice.



Here are a few ideas to keep your kids reading throughout the summer.

I have already shared our reading spots with you, and while those are always changing (we like to keep it fresh around here) it is still full of ideas.

Set Family Summer Reading goals with your own prizes.  Ours look like this.


Alyson- Reread the entire Harry Potter Series.  My reward is to enjoy a pedicure

Tommy- Read My Side of the Mountain.  Each book he finishes get a Diesel Power magazine.

Emily- Finish The Hunger Games series and read Percy Jackson and the Olympians book 2. Her reward is

Katey- Read as many Hooked on Phonics books as she can.  Try to finish the level 1 and level 2 sets. She gets to go out for ice cream.


We are participating in the local library’s summer reading program.  Our program rewards you with a drawing ticket for every 24 chapters you read.   They have t-shirts and other prizes available as well.

Sometimes just making reading fun by changing up the location such as at the park.  We have a quite a few parks and picnic areas without playgrounds.  They are also not usually busy.  This makes a great reading location. 

We build forts in our house and outside to read in. P1010070

We have had read-a-thons where we invite neighbors over and everyone brings a snack to share.  We have usually planned these in the afternoon time for about 2-3 hours.

Another thing to try is to have a book club for kids.  Each child chooses a book and gets assigned a month to discuss the book and plan activities to do based on the book.  You could do this within your own family or invite friends and neighbors.  We have done it both ways.  When we did it with others whoever chose the book hosted the book club. P1040073

I enjoy reading the same books my children are reading before they do, that way we can discuss the book.  It has been a great way for us to bond over books. 

Your child doesn’t have to stick to just reading books.  They can read magazines, newspapers, online articles, and more. Kids Scoop is a sneaky way to get your kids reading too.

Many book stores offer reading programs with incentives.  Barnes and Noble. And restaurants like Chuck E Cheese and more.

One of the best things that has truly worked for my reluctant reader is to let them get bored.   If he has so much stuff shoved at him all the time, he will choose reading last.  If I say we are having a no electronics day or we are having quiet time for 1 hour.  He will usually pick up a book on his own.

And finally, set an example.  Let your kids see you read and talk to them about how exciting the book is and how you can’t wait to see what happens next. 

How do you keep your kids motivated to read? 


Check out how others keep their kids motivated throughout the summer here.





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