Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Field Trips on the Cheap.


I live in a very small town.  Our population is less than 10,000.   We have three actual museums.  One is a dinosaur museum, one is a Daughters of the Utah Pioneers museum and one is a Heritage museum about the history of our town.



That being said.  There is honestly not much in our town.  With very little research you can find a gold mine of information on where to field trip in your area.  Here are some ways to find out what is near you.

Pretend like you are going to be a tourist in your own town/county.  Research on the internet on your state. county or cities websites.  Request a tourist catalog if one is available. 

Visit your local tourism office.  The Chamber of Commerce is where I was able to get most of my information.



Check out local hotels ask the front desk or concierge what they recommend.  They often have shelves with tons of those flyers showing what to do.  Some even have discounts available. 



I keep all the things I collect in a manila envelope.


We fit in rodeos, the county fairs and hiking as well. 


There is plenty to do right in your own backyard.  


Click the graphic below to get plenty more field trip ideas. 




Stefanie said...

What a great way to organize summer fun!

Jennifer said...

I especially like your tip about acting like a tourist in your own town. I always try to do that when we travel, but enjoy the special times close to home, too.

Chareen said...

Thanks for the encouragement to look at our own town through new eyes. I am guilty of think there's nothing to do. I really appreciated your ideas today especially that you put it in perspective of just how small your town is.

PS tagged you in a memem
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