Friday, August 15, 2014

First Day Homeschool Traditions

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Starting school for some seems like an exciting time.  For some it’s just another day.  For others still it is a real drag. 

A few things to do on the first day of homeschool are:

We draw self portraits.  This has been a tradition for a while.  For the last few years I have just had them keep them in their sketch books. One day I will go through the sketch books and take out the self portrait pages and put them all together in order by year.

Some people don’t even do schoolwork.  They take the first day of the local public school off.  They celebrate their homeschooling freedom. They spend the time at the park, or have a picnic.  Maybe even have a party. 

You could just do school as usual.

I usually make it a point to start school the week after public school.  This year I revamped our schedule and we will actually be starting before the public school.  This will allow us to take weeks off here and there for our scheduling chunks. 

What kind of things do you do to make the start of your school year special?

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