Saturday, August 30, 2014

Habitat Science Saturday


I am going to try and post what we did for our science theme unit for Kindergarten/4th grade mix on Saturdays.  Realistically I may not get to it, but I am going to give it a try.

This past week Tyler has been learning all about Habitats.  We will be diving into specific habitats starting next week.

We started off this week by watching Hops Home on The Magic School Bus series.  We also read a picture book about different environments and discussed what we think would live there.  Then we created these habitat posters.


The next day we drew a picture of a habitat of our choice.  We discussed different types of habitats even more.

Another day we did a habitat matching game.  They had to cut out the habitat names and match them to the habitat pictures.  (Obviously, I need to work on cutting skills with Tyler). PB183363

We also created our Wild Self and watched some habitat videos on YouTube.

We couldn’t find very many habitat books at our library that weren’t for a specific type of habitat that we will be learning about more in depth in the coming weeks, so this week was mostly discussion.

It was also a stressful week around here, so I am glad we got done what we did.

All of the resources we used and more can be found on my Pinterest Board.




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