Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Homeschooling when life happens.

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Let’s face it, life doesn’t stop just so we can homeschool. 

Some actually use that as their excuse not to. 

But why not make life school? 

This past year we have faced quite a few challenges.  My kids (and I) have learned and grown from it.  The biggest thing I can say is that you are not alone. 

Life Happens.  Your kids are going to get an education whether you like it or not.  They will learn what they have the opportunity to learn.

I take opportunities in life and turn them into teaching moments.  It is not always easy.  Sometimes it’s easier to send your kids to the other room and handle life. 

Some personal examples of this:

I made my daughter at 10 stand in line (with me) at the customer service counter to return an item.  I made her do all the talking.  Sure it would have been just as easy for me to do it myself, but she got first hand experience.

When we have a family vacation the kids are completely involved in the budget, the miles we have to drive, how much gas costs, what activities we have planned, how much accommodations are, and all that.  Sure, it would be easy for my husband and I to just take charge and take the kids along for the ride, but then the first time they would get actual vacation planning experience would be when they are on their own.

At 8, we do laundry training and my children begin taking charge of their own laundry.

When my children turn 9, they begin cooking a meal once a week for the family.  They do have supervision and I am willing to help them if they ask me. Each child above 9 is required to plan and prepare a meal. They have to provide me with an ingredient list for their meal by a deadline. (currently Tuesday mornings)

When my oldest was 14, he started filling out and figuring my husbands expense reports for us.  Paul always looks them over before turning them in. Tommy has been doing great.

Regular household chores are also a part of what we include in our children’s education.

Life is full of seasons and soon enough this one will be over, and your kids will be out on their own.  I think that learning how to live and function in life is more important the any history or math fact.   Enjoy life.  Enjoy your family.

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