Monday, August 11, 2014

Wow! - is it really that time. Burnout from last year and changes we are going to make. Curriculum


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Last year was rough on me. Along with life’s regular hiccups, I ended up working almost full time for a few months, and then cut back to part time.  My brother moved in with us.  My husband switched jobs.  We had to find a new normal, and every time I thought we had it, we didn’t. 

We are in a good groove now and I hope we can keep it up! I have faith!

This year I have made my curriculum choices based on what has worked for us in years past.  My older kids do really well when they have independent work that is different from each other.  I do better when they have curriculum that is the same.  I am attempting to fix it by meeting in the middle.  They will both be doing Lightning Literature, but I will have Tommy through about 1 month worth of it before I start Emily in it.  Science, they will still just work out of the same book to make labs more interactive and fun.

Their personal finance class will be done together through our co-op.  The Promises of the Constitution will be done together as a family.

We are changing up our schedule this year.  In years past we work independently in the morning.  Things we did as a family, read alouds, character lessons, discussions, etc, were all done after lunch.  This caused this to get pushed to the wayside often, as the kids wouldn’t be done with their independent work, or I would have an errand to run, or my husband would come home and interrupt our schedule. 
This year we will meet at 10-11 every morning, except Wed. (Co-op Days).  We will do family school first and then they can do their independent work around that schedule.  I will also be starting my youngest in 5K.  He will need me with him for about 1 hour a day.  I plan to devote about 1 hour to each child per day.  Some of the kids will get the hour in chunks throughout the day.  Not that I am limiting the time to an hour, just that I am devoting at least one hour.

To see an entire list of my curriculum for this year, check out this post!

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Kym said...

We're using Lightning Lit too - my daughter loves it. And for us, there are changes to how we schedule our day as well. The biggest change is that the kids will not be doing any of their subjects together this year - all independent! o.O

Lisa M. (aka. Lisa @ Farm Fresh) said...

We too have curriculum changes this year! I plan on blogging about them later this week over on my blog

Annette said...

sounds like you have your schedule well in hand. Hopefully it will work out better for you. :)

annette @ A net in time (


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