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Let’s wrap this week up ~ Week 2


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In my life this week:

This week started off with bad attitudes all around.

Monday was a stereotypical Monday.  I had an archery training class to go to in the morning.  I am signing up to have an archery team with NASP. Even though they are generally a public school program I am putting a team together under a charter school. When I got home the kids had done nothing but make a mess.  Then everyone had grumpy attitudes when I made them get up and clean up after themselves and made them get to work on school work.


Tuesday was another day of fighting and disrespect.  Grumpy kids, grumpy mom.  I woke up late, the kids woke up late and we just got off to a bad start.

Wednesday was better.  The girls and I went to their Handmaidens of Virtue class at the library, they did a service project for The Ronald McDonald House.


It began to rain while we were there and 30 minutes later when we left the town was flooding.  (We have had major flooding for the past 2 weeks.) 



I also got my blood results back this day.  (A few weeks ago we did a family blood draw for research since my daughter was born with a cleft lip, they sent me my CBC).  After studying up on what everything meant I realized how anemic I really am.  Every doctor has told me I am, and sometimes I have tried to do things to “fix it” like iron supplements and cooking in cast iron pans.  I have now decided to try a desiccated calf liver pill.  I have taken it 3 times every day since Wednesday and I already feel a difference.  I am still tired often, but notice a difference of how much better I feel.


Thursday was actually a good day.  Everyone got along and there was no disrespect. (One of my kids tries to disrespect often, and it doesn’t fly around here, but it makes for some fights and struggles)  That is why I am reading some of the books in my reading list. If you have any you recommend for this kind of behavior.  Please let me know.  I also took the boys for haircuts.


Friday I actually woke up on time and woke the kids up.  We started school on time.  We even got everything done before noon so we were able to pack a picnic and spend a relaxing day at the park.


Books I have read this week for me are:

I finished Have a New Kid by Friday and The Millionaire Next Door.  I am in the middle of reading Teaching Self Government.  I checked out Raising Ephraim’s Child and I am planning on starting that over the weekend.

In my homeschool this week:

As a family we have began to watch CNN Student News, I like that we can stream it right through YouTube on my TV.  We have done 4 lessons in Promises of the Constitution.  So far we are enjoying both of these things.  We are having a family meeting weekly now, on Mondays.  (Well for the past 2 weeks anyways).  We created some glowing screen rules and chore sticks. (Hopefully a future post)

My 10th grader painted some abstract art on the cover of his planner, PB163347which I created from many resources.  (hopefully a future post).

IMG_5465[1]Tommy and Emily are lab partners for science and they have to do the labs together.  Here they are working on a concentration experiment.

Tommy has also completed:

  • Week 3 of Lightning Literature in which he had a read- a- thon with snacks and drinks to read 12 chapters of Treasure Island in one day.  It only took him about 2 hours. 
  • He is still working his way through Bridgeway Grammar. He finished Pak 5. (Which is a Unit)
  • He finished and tested in module 1 of Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physical Science.
  • He finished up Unit 2 part B in Video Text Algebra
  • He completed Lesson 8 in Moving Beyond the Page WWI & II.

Emily, my 8th grader, got a knack to make some No Bake Cookies.  IMG_5448[1]She made a batch and was so proud of herself.  She tasted one and spit it out.  She quickly realized she forgot to put sugar in them.   She tried to re-melt them and add the sugar.  That did not work, so she threw them out and made a new batch carefully following the directions and they were great!


She also decided to become creative and decorate the front and back covers of her planner.  (It is one I made with resources from a few places but it is working great.  I hope to post about it soon.) She dipped her hands and feet in paint and pressed them on.  PB183360All of my kids have been playing daily with Smart Mass.   It is a magnetic putty.  They have been getting very creative with it. This is something Emily made with Smart Mass.

She also finished up

  • Chapter 5 in Teaching Textbooks 7
  • Week 2 in Lighting Lit 8th Grade
  • Lessons 6 & 7 in Moving Beyond the Page WWI & II.
  • Module 1 and test in Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science.
  • Lesson 01 Images in The Art of Poetry from Classical Academic Press.

The book she is reading is Hunger by Michael Grant (the 2nd book in the Gone Series)

Katey, my 4th grader, has been using the My Student Logbook planner.  (Review coming soon).  So far this has been perfect for both of us!   PB143321

She has been working great in Math U See Gamma. PB183366 Really she should have done this book last year, but I decided to give her a year of relaxed math.  She is working at a quick pace through it.  We did work on it a few times during the summer. 


Her and Tyler have been doing science together and learning about Habitats this week. (Hopefully a future post).

PB183348She has also worked through lesson 19 on All About Spelling Level 1.   We worked on this in the summer also.  She ahs been moving quickly though this and will start level 2 soon.

She has been reading quite a bit this week.  She finished 3 books in the Billie B. Brown series.  These books are perfect with her interests and her reading ability.  They are not too challenging for her.  I am really working with her on a love of reading.

My Kindergartener learned a lot about habitats and he worked in his daily book.  He has our address and phone number mostly memorized.  He has been building a lot with Lego and wooden blocks.

IMG_5530[1]He made a rocket going to a water planet that looked like a fish, and it turns into a submarine when it gets there.  Very creative if you ask me.


He also made Blueberry Muffins all by himself. (with major supervision).  He did very well and they were good. PB143325

When Emily got out the paint to create her planner covers Tyler decided he wanted to paint as well.  He used vegetables from our garden as his paintbrush.


He had to do a habitat matching game and I thought he could handle the scissor skills. and……. that is something we will be working on. 


This post got way longer than I expected, thanks for sticking around.

Resources we used:

Video Text Math

Teaching Textbooks

Math U See

All About Spelling

Lightning Lit

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Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. There are also freebies. There are also just links to products without affiliate links. I'm trying to show what we did and where you can find it, not to sell you a product...although if you decide to buy one of them, please feel free to use the links and support a fellow homeschooler.


As He Leads is Joy said...

I agree there are still lessons that can be learned. I think one thing I really try to remember to do is jump back in and not wait until the next week.

ralph said...

I read the post about you being anemic. I too am severity anemic. One of my babies was born without digits on his left hand and 2 other babies were born at 29 weeks and 34 weeks. FINALLY after years of struggling with fatigue and consequences of my. Anemia I was tested for CELIAC Disease. BAM!!!!!! That was it. I had CELIAC disease. It's a whole new world now.

Just a thought


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