Sunday, September 30, 2012

Games, Games Everywhere.



In our homeschool and our life we love games. Whether a game of family tag that the neighbor kids join in, a video game, or even a board game we love games.


Games can be used to teach skills as well as reinforce skills.P1010423

My family definitely bonds over games.  They teach us good sportsmanship, how to have fun and they give us together time as a family.


It is our tradition about once a month or so to throw school out the window for the day and have a game day.  We really enjoy it. 


I love games that my entire family (all ages) can play together.  Often times it is hard to find games that fit for all my ages, 3-adult.  Something we do is team up the younger ones with someone else so they play on a team, or we often just play team games. 


Oh and games don’t have to already be invented.  Invent one of your own.  My kids love to invent pretend games.  They usually only play them once and forget the rules. 

Here is a blank game board template that you can use to make any game you want.

In my son’s karate they play a version of freeze tag.  To get unfroze you have to do a specific karate move.  You could do that with anything, spelling words, math problems, trivia questions, anything! 


I have written a 5 day series on educating with games.  Check it out here.

Check out how others are using games in their homeschool here.

Oh, Oh, Oh,  I also happen to have a really great game giveaway happening right now.  (ends 10-4)


Go on, go play a game with your family!  Enjoy it!







Mama Teaching 3 said...

I love game days! :) My boys also enjoy them. It always surprises me how much they light up and how free they become during our time gaming with them.

Kym said...

I'd forgotten that DonnaYoung has game board templates, and my kids might enjoy that. Thanks for the link!


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