Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jesse Bear What Will You Wear? B4FIAR

We just got done rowing Jesse Bear What Will You Wear?  This has been one of our most favorite rows so far! 

In fact I was having some trouble getting my youngest, 3, to stay in his bed. Since this row and a “Jesse Bear” of his very own, he goes to bed and stays there each night now!  Whoo Hooo.  (Knock on wood)

We started off learning all about America and it’s symbols.
We had an all American lunch, of hotdogs, potato salad and watermelon. Yummy.

We made sculptures of the Statue of Liberty out of our homemade play dough leftover from Blueberries For Sal.

We potato painted with shapes to match Jesse Bear’s kitchen floor.  The kids loved this!


We learned about nutrition and eating healthy.  We discussed food groups and how to eat some from each every day.
We used the food group sorting game from File Folder Fun.
I printed off and made some placemats from Choose My Plate.  The kids really loved this and they still use them.  They keep tabs on me now and let me know if I didn’t include each food group.  I have noticed them eating healthier on their own since doing this also.
The kids loved reenacting parts of the book, like putting a rose stick between their toes.
Tyler dressed like Jesse Bear with his shirt of red and pants that dance.  We had to improvise with the actual teddy bear’s clothes. 
The kids got to take a bubble bath.  This is a real treat in our house as I usually rush shower time.  Yep, that’s right.  All my kids shower, we do not bath around here, unless you choose to get in before your scheduled time at night.  It also cannot interfere with someone else’s scheduled time.  I will have to write a future post with our schedule.
They were so excited when I made them a little Jesse Bear Snack.  They were surprised that I let them drink the pear juice from a can.

Some other fun things we did this row were:
Study and practice the Pledge of Allegiance. Color and American Flag.  Learn about insects and the patterns on them.  We studied the life cycle of a butterfly and a lady bug.

I used many printables from Homeschool Creations, Jesse Bear Unit.
I used a ton of ideas from the Before Five In A Row Book.

Here I sit looking through my lesson plans to see what we completed, and we only did about half of the things I had planned.  However, I decided to take this row easy and go with the flow.  My kids still got a bunch out of it, and I kept my sanity.   I may continue to over plan on some rows, knowing that I may not get to all the activities.

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Laura said...

Such a fun week! I don't know this book, but will have to add it to my library list!!


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