Friday, September 28, 2012

Science, Science, Science, oh and a 1849 California Gold Rush Party!!!

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In our homeschool this week…

My Album 2-018

1- Katey has been learning all about the ocean so we have been doing some salt water experiments.  In this one she saw that an egg with float in saltwater but not in freshwater.

2-  Tommy working on our Preamble Constitution puzzle.

3-Katey doing a shadow matching game on ocean animals.  This is very simple for her, but she just loves this types of activities.

4- Tommy has been learning about Charles Law of Gases.  We tested it by freezing a glass bottle and then putting a balloon on it, next he put it in a bowl of very hot water and watched the balloon fill up. Then we ran it back under cold water and watched the balloon shrink. 

5-Tommy doing more physics, this time he is learning about measuring volume.  The physics he uses is Christian Kids Explore Physics.

6- Katey and Tyler love doing Music Together.


My Album 2-019

1- More salt water science.  This one we made a type of salt lava lamp.  She did practice mixing oil with water first.  And then mixing oil with salt water after we added the salt. 

2- Emily making corn bread to go along with Prairie Primer.

3-4- We have really been getting into entomology.  We have read many bug books and been working through 4H insect curriculum.


My Album 2-020

1- Emily made a drawstring bag in sewing co-op this week.

2- Continuing on with learning about nutrition.  We had a Great Fiber Race.  The kids had to track their fiber each day.  As you can see day one was great!  Day 2 and 3 not so much. 

3- Katey has been learning a little bit about shadows and perception.  So for an art project this week we did silhouettes.  I helped Katey with hers and I must say, I am quite proud.  Winking smile

4- It got cold enough this week for me to bust out my first cup of hot cocoa this season.  Brrrrrrr.


These next pictures are all from our Gold Rush Party.  As part of Prairie Primer Emily has been learning about the California Gold Rush of 1849.  Today we made it a little fun with a gold rush party.  I created a scavenger hunt on gold strips of paper.  They each had to carry a fairly heavy bag around with them while searching.  The last clue they found cream sodas to go with their gold rush lunch witch consisted of pork and beans, beef jerky and rye wheat and injun bread. For dessert we had a gold bar.  To tell the truth the kids and I were not impressed with our lunch and we discussed how hard it must have been for the people that were a part of the gold rush.

My Album 2-021

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

Take it easy. 

My favorite resource this week is…

The Usborne Science Activities.  This is where I get many great simple science experiments for Katey and the older kids enjoy them too.

What’s working/not working for us…

I got a desk!  My very good friend was getting rid of a corner desk and she gave it to me.  I was able to take down my folding table down and I have a real desk.  So while the table was working for us, the desk is working so much better!!

Questions/thoughts I have…

I keep thinking our homeschooling is going so well, I mean sure we have our everyday problems, and I worry that it’s to good to be true.  

Things I’m working on…

I spent some time organizing my new desk. 

I’m reading…

Our family read-a-loud is still The Indian in the Cupboard.  We are just loving this book.  Believe it or not we do read about a chapter a day in this book.  I think we will finish it next week.  It isn’t even that long of a book.  It just feels like it is taking forever. 

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MomLaur said...

ALWAYS loved Indian in the Cupboard! such great imagery in the writing! Visiting from Collage Friday!

Dawn said...

We love the prairie primer and are starting On the banks of silver lake. What a great party you all had.
Blessings, Dawn

Susan said...

We are about to start listening to Indian in the Cupboard on audio book! I have heard such good things about it, but I've never read it myself.
Usborne books are great, aren't they? Thanks for sharing at Favorite Resources.

Kym said...

Love the Gold Rush Party idea! I'm putting that in my virtual back pocket for when we get to the 49ers later this school year. ;-)

Joan Concilio said...

We LOVE The Indian in the Cupboard (and all its sequels!) We've read the whole series aloud in the past six months, just now finishing the last book. Very good stuff - and my seventh-grader loves being read to still! :)


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