Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Life Story in 206 words.



I was born in Utah, moved to Colorado at a very young age.  My parents got a divorce and I moved back to Utah with my mom in  first grade,  moved back to Colorado with my dad in 9th grade, moved back to Utah in 10th grade.  I still live in Utah.  I had my first child at the age of 18.  Got married to a guy I knew much of my life (not the father of my first)  had my second child at the age of 20. Bought my first house.  Sewed my wild oats. Got divorced, age 22. I have always had and still have an amazing relationship with my ex husband.  Sewed some more wild oats.  Eloped to Vegas with a guy I knew only a month – to the day – age 23.  Been happily married to him ever since.  We had 2 more children.  Bought and sold 2 houses.  We made an incredibly brave decision to move over 200 miles away from anyone we knew for a job.  Now we rent and can’t wait to buy again.  We decided to homeschool when my oldest was in 3rd grade and have never looked back!   I love being a mom and a wife.


This is part of the Blog Every Day in  May challenge!


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Angie Schott said...

Did I know you guys eloped to Vegas not long after meeting too? It seems like I did, but I'm not sure.

Girl, you and I have so much more in common than I realized. We need to catch up. Long time no talk! (Because, you know, we both have so much free time...)


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