Monday, May 13, 2013

Papa’s Pearls {A Review}

Papa’s Pearls is a book written by Diane Flynn Keith about her father’s upbringing and how he raised her.  Throughout the book she shares some of the many bits of wisdom instilled in her throughout her life by her Papa. 

Papa was a depression era kid who was raised on street smarts and headed down the wrong path.  This book shares his story how he was able to turn his life around and become a successful business owner while the odds were against him and when no one believed in him. He did all this using the bits of wisdom shared throughout this book.

Each bit of Papa’s wisdom comes with a story that shares how it came to be.  Many of the stories hit close to home for me.  My Great Grandfather served in the CCC, so did Papa.  Papa became a successful business owner, my Grandfather was a successful business owner. 
This book is a short read, just over 100 pages and 17 chapters long.  Once I started reading it, I had a hard time putting it down.
After reading it I brought up some of the bits of wisdom to my family, sharing with them in my own words the stories of Papa.  This was able to create family conversations on character.  We were each able to form our opinions on what happened and discuss them.

I really did enjoy this book as it took me back in time and I was able to take papa’s pearls of wisdom to heart with the stories.

Papa’s Pearls can be purchased here as an author autographed copy for $21.97, which includes shipping.

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Diane Flynn Keith said...

Thanks for reviewing "Papa's Pearls," Alyson - I'm glad it rekindled memories of your great-grandfather and grandfather. :) I thought you might like to know that I'm having a Papa's Pearls Father's Day Contest. Share a memory about your own father or grandfather and be entered to win a $50 Gift Card to Amazon. Get the details here: Thanks, again!


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