Thursday, May 30, 2013

Simplifying your life

I have been lucky enough to review a few items from Simplified Pantry.

Simplified Dinners and Simplified Dinners Gluten Free/ Dairy Free have been much more than just a cook book in my house. They have completely changed my meal planning. 

It starts of simple enough.  You use a master shopping list that she provides.  It has basics and you can download a sample here.

You buy whatever meat and veggies that are on sale that week and prepare a meal from them.  The idea is that if you keep the items from the master shopping list on hand, you can always make a meal from the cookbook. 

This cook book is very different than any other I have ever seen.  The sections are based on the type of main dish and meat you have.  Don’t think there are just a few recipes in here either.  There are tons.  In fact, I don’t think we have even had the same meal twice yet. There are 16 categories all with multiple variations. 

This left meal planning flexible enough for me.  I was able to think ahead of what I wanted to make for dinner.  If I had planned on something that took a while to cook and I forgot to start it in time, I was able to just choose something else using the ingredients I had on hand. 

These meals are all easy enough to prepare and the ingredients were all real whole foods.  I love that!!

The most interesting thing for me was that after the initial stock up of pantry items I am actually spending less each week on groceries than I used to.  We are also eating much healthier. 

There are 2 separate books the regular version and the new GFDF version. Each PDF book is $12.99.

Another neat thing I was able to review is Paperless Home Organization.


This has been such a motivator for me.  Paper is my struggle.  I have multiple filing cabinets and paper stacks are still everywhere.  Using the system put together in this book can eliminate most all paper.  While I am not fully ready to give up on the paper version of everything.  This system has sure made it easier to locate something when I need to find it. 

This book takes you step by step through setting up the system.  I already had the email set up and a calendar somewhat in place.  I had never heard of Evernote, which is essential to this system.  All have free apps on most any app store. 

Don’t think you’re going to have to load up on a bunch of apps,  this system only uses a few.  I already had a to do list app in place that I love.  So I did not use the one suggested.  It was very easy for me to tweak this system for me.  Even though I am still not totally ready to give up on all my paper, I see how parts of this system have improved.  

Everyone in my family has some type of device so we have been able to set up the calendar like the book says and the kids are able to enter their own things and have it show up on my calendar under there name.  This has been great for when I need to know where they are going to be at or if they need a ride somewhere, they can check if I can do that before they even ask me. 

This PDF book sales for $3.99

Until June 3, 2013, you can use code TOS2013 to get 30% off any of her ebooks.  What a deal!!!

To see what others think of all 3 of these items check out this post. To see a wide variety of reviews check out our crew blog.


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