Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Science Naturally


Can you spare a minute in your day for science fun?


Of course you can!

That is just what Science Naturally has come up with in their new book One Minute Mysteries: 65 More Short Mysteries You Solve With Science!


We were lucky enough to be able to review this 166 + page book which includes 60 mysteries to be solved using basic science knowledge. There are also 5 bonus science mysteries and 5 mysteries you solve with math.  Each mystery is on it’s own page you turn the page for the answer which includes a picture.  This is the second book with science mysteries.  They also have 2 books with mysteries you solve with math.  These books were written by a father daughter team. Check out their author bio at the bottom of this page.

We read a few every day at lunch time.  They literally took about one minute to read each mystery.  The kids took turns guessing and most of the time it turned into a discussion, which was nice to get them thinking and talking about the same thing as a group.  Remember my kids are 14, 12 and 8.  They were all discussing their opinions. 

Once they were ready I read the answer.  Which gives an explanation with it.

Go ahead try a few mysteries out with your family!  RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

That was fun, wasn’t it?

Don’t forget this book is for ages 8-12 and is only $9.95.

You can get it here. 


Don’t just take my word for it, check out this post to see what others thought.  To see a wide variety of reviews check out our crew blog.


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