Saturday, May 3, 2014

B is for: Homemade Vacuum Bug Catchers


Blog Challenge pictures-001I teach a science class at my local co-op using the book Considering God’s Creation.  We recently got to the section on insects.  I decided to do a hands on project with this and we made our own vacuum bug catchers.

Supplies Needed:

  • Clear plastic container with lid. (I got mine from the deli at a grocery store)
  • Straw
  • Gauze
  • Play Dough (I just used some from my homemade stash)
  • Rubberband
  • Hole Punch

First you punch a hole in the container, then another one directly across from it. 

Cut the straw in half. 

Put a small section of gauze on one end of the straw, using the rubber band to attach it.   Thread the straws through each hole.  One straw per hole. Make sure that the end with the gauze is inside the container. Use the play dough to seal up any holes. 


Now go out side and suck a bug into the container by sucking on the straw with the gauze end in the container.  Put the other straw by the bug you want to suck up and start sucking.  The gauze stops you from sucking up the bug into your mouth.  YUCK!  


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