Friday, May 23, 2014

O is for OOPS!


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I was on such a good standing with my blogging.  Then… well, I have no excuse.  I really wanted to be able to complete the alphabet in one month.  It’s okay.  We all struggle with goals every once in a while.  I will just pick up and move on.   It will just take me more than a month to get through the alphabet.

In the meanwhile, let me share some things that have been going on in my life. 

I am very active in both my homeschool group and my moms group.  I also still work part time and we do a laid back summer homeschool schedule. 

In my homeschool group, I am not teaching throughout the summer, but my girls are still in classes.  They also do weekly get togethers that we occasionally participate in.

In my moms group, I am active in the book club, freezer meal swaps, craft days, moms night outs, park days and much more.  I am also one of 3 moderators in this group, so I have to make sure everyone is following the rules and passes our screening to be approved.  (Our moms group is no joke, with by laws and a code of conduct and an application process).

Our summer school schedule is still up in the air.  The month of June is crazy with Emily having girls camp, a vacation trip to Missouri, then a 4H camp all right in a row.  The little kids have two weeks at their grandparents houses in June. Tommy has a fishing trip planned and a big backpacking trip planned for Havasupai. Both in June.  As well as keeping his part time job. 

I have been getting my bearings back and I am feeling really good about things! 

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