Tuesday, May 13, 2014

L is for Love and Marriage


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I absolutely love my husband.  Some things that have kept our love for each other strong, therefor giving us a strong marriage is:


  • We are very attracted to each other.  I don’t do my hair everyday, and sometimes I wear sweats, I hardly ever wear makeup, but I make sure to make myself presentable.  I try more often then I don’t.  I also do little things, like wear his favorite style of underwear, put on his favorite pair of my pants.
  • We flirt with each other all the time.  ALL THE TIME! 1175511_10201251154594554_126421607_n
  • We show affection.  We don’t make out at stop lights (all the time), but we do sit next to each other at dinner.  We hold hands often.  We are never afraid to kiss.  We snuggle when watching a movie or TV. 
  • We help each other meet goals.  If I have a dream of rearranging furniture, he helps me.  He may not be happy about it, but he helps.  If he wants to build something. I help him.  10277310_10203149445770647_1136042747504653180_n
  • We do things together.  Some weeks it’s just grocery shopping or driving somewhere. Some weeks it’s date nights. Some weeks it’s just a lot of texting or talking on the phone.
  • We try to make each other happy.  If I don’t want to cook dinner, he will.  If he doesn’t want to mow the lawn, I will. (or I will get one of the kids to do it.)
  • We do special things for each other.  Maybe a gift or a note. Maybe just a favorite snack or drink when we are out and about. 


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