Sunday, May 4, 2014

C is for Cleaning


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A couple things in my simplification process included me being overwhelmed with the upkeep of my home.  I decided to do a giant clean out.  I made a list of 40 areas to clean and began April 1st.  I committed to a yard sale on May 10th.  Exactly 40 days away. 


I have been doing really great.  I have gotten rid of so much unnecessary clutter and my house really does stay cleaner.  I can have the whole thing clean in 2 hours, top to bottom, scrubbed and everything.  It is always company ready, there is not clutter everywhere.  There is room in the cupboards to put away the clean dishes, the kids’ dressers have room for their clothes.  The bookshelves are no longer overflowing.  I have been keeping up on laundry, doing one batch a day, and on the days I can’t get it done, I have been assigning it out.  I have sold a few hundred dollars worth of stuff already and my yard sale is still a week away.  I can’t wait!  Especially since it is all piled up in my garage. 

What doesn’t sale I will haul off to the thrift shop.  I am really loving having a clean house and not feeling so overwhelmed. 

I have began reading and researching Feng Shui.  This type of space clearing is shown to uplift moods and create welcoming opportunities.  I definitely see that happening in my household. 

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