Thursday, May 15, 2014

M is for Momma


I know, I know, I fell behind. 

Here is my excuse, for what it’s worth.

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I had totally planned to write about how great and wonderful my Mother’s Day was.

The thing is, it wasn’t.

So it took my feelings some time to get over it and here we are.

My husband was at work, which is fine, which is very normal, which the kids and I all knew in advance.

I woke up to smelling a delicious breakfast cooking.  So I stayed in bed, waiting for the kids to bring me breakfast.  About 30 minutes later my son comes upstairs and asks me for a ride somewhere.  I said, “Okay.  Is breakfast ready?” 

“Huh?  I just cooked me some eggs and toast.  I already ate.”

“Oh, I see, sure, let me get up and take a shower then I will drive you.”

Then my other kids remind me that we are out of milk, and eggs and cheese and a whole grocery list of items.  Fine, I’ll go grocery shopping.

They all wanted to go with me.

I dislike grocery shopping. Dislike. It.

The whole time they were all can we have this, can we have that? 


My brother had offered to cook a nice dinner.  He needed London Broil.  The grocery store I went to didn’t have any.  So I had to go to another one.

And home, unload the car, put away the groceries. By then, Tommy needed a ride home.

No one had even told me Happy Mother’s Day.  I called my mom and told her, “Happy Mother’s Day.”  We talked for a while and I talked to my Grandma. 

My husband came home and reminded the kids that it was Mother’s Day.  He could tell I was disappointed with my day and did everything to make it better. 

I’m not writing out this story to complain, really, I’m not. 

The thing is, I feel responsible.  I feel like I didn’t raise my kids with enough…respect…consideration…gratefulness…whatever. 

I actually feel guilty that my kids didn’t feel the need to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Since then, I have, taken the challenge.  I want to raise children that will care. 

I hope all your Mother’s Day whether you are a mother or not, was Amazing!


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