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25 Truths by Ed Douglas


25 Truths, Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us.


Ed Douglas


Ed Douglas Publications  

Recommended for grades:

6-12 and adults

Price: $15.50


Do you need a little motivation and inspiration sometimes?    Of course you do, we all do! 

Do you wish you were happier? 

Well, Ed Douglas had once compiled a 3 page list of tips for an enjoyable life based on Christian principles.  He shared this list with the people he met for years.  Many of them were young students who were on his tennis team.  As he shared his list he began to get encouragement to create the 25 Truths into his 3rd book.

The book itself is about 150 pages with 25 Truths, plus 1, as well as the foreword and preface.

A few of my favorite truths with their summaries are:

Learn What Brings True Happiness:  Combining your talents with hard work over an extended time to accomplish something of significance can help you find true happiness.

Make Every Day Your Best Day: Be enthusiastic, smile, be happy, and try to make every day the best day possible.  An accumulation of “best days” will lead to a very happy life.

Spend Time With Your Family: Spending time with your family is possibly the best investment a person can make.

Each truth is it’s own chapter being 3-5 pages long.  Each one starts with a quote.  Then a small chapter describing it and finishing up with the summary.  Then this is where it gets good!

Each truth/chapter ends with a workshop, where there are just a few questions about each truth for you to ponder over an answer yourself. These questions really make you think and make for great discussion starting points with your family.

I read each truth and the questions before I let my children read it.  These truths and the workshops that followed really got my gears turning.  I mean, they really make me think. 

We used this book two ways:

Some days I would have them read it alone and then we would discuss it later in the day after we all had some time to think about it. 

Other days I would read the truth out loud and then we would discuss it right then. 

My Thoughts:

These truths really are eye opening.  I especially appreciate how positive they are.  I have one child who is extremely negative and this has helped him to see the good and really that you create your own happiness.    I noticed a change in my entire family as far as true happiness goes. Just by discussing these.  Some of the questions were hard for my older two to answer.  They needed some help understanding them.  This book has opened so many discussions that I couldn’t have planned.   We all enjoyed the examples used as the truths were described.   This book is based on Christian principles without being overly Christian. 

Don’t just take my word for it, see how this motivated others by checking out this post. To see a wide variety of reviews check out our crew blog.


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