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Have you heard of Author Susan Marlow or Kregel Publications?

What about the Gold Town Adventures?

She writes children’s chapter books.  We have read a few of her books.  Her most recent series is geared for boys ages 9-13, but has been enjoyed by both boys and girls. 

It has adventure, rowdiness, mystery, and friendship.  Overall it is a wholesome family book!

We have been a Susan Marlow fan since I first discovered her as an author.  She has proven to be an interesting read for my children. In fact, I have been such a fan of hers that as soon as I heard she was writing this new series for boys, I pre-ordered the first book, Badge of Honor, which some of the crew is reviewing.  She has since written the second book in the series, Tunnel Of Gold (the one I am reviewing), and the third book, Canyon of Danger will be out in Nov. 2013. 

Something unique about the books written by her that we have read, is that she includes a free comprehensive study guide along with them.  Found here.  

This series takes place right near the end of the gold rush in the year 1864.  The main character Jem, who’s father becomes the sheriff, finds himself in the middle of a miners riot. 

Can Jem get the Chinese to give up their rights to the mine and save the town that is about to lose everything? 

I was originally going to do this book as a read aloud for my family.  As soon as I started and it became time to stop the kids didn’t want me too.  They ended up reading it themselves faster than I could get through it.  You know, being a mom and all. 

We did talk about some of the character traits that you see woven throughout this book.  We really focused on standing up for those being bullied.  As that happens in this book.  I appreciate how this book, and all of Susan Marlow’s books have morals and people stand by them.  I enjoy that my children can read a book with action and adventures that doesn’t have to be grotesque.  

Like I said I have been a huge fan of Susan Marlow ever since we first discovered her as an author. 

We currently own all of her books in the Andi and Taffy series as well as both GoldTown Adventure books, and plan on buying the 3rd.

Tunnel of Gold is 144 pages and you can get an autographed copy for $7.99 plus $2.50 shipping. 

To see what others think of this book as well as her first book in this series, check out this post.

To see a wide variety of reviews check out our crew blog.


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Andi Carter said...

Hi Alyson,
Thanks so much for your enthusiastic review of Tunnel of Gold (well, and the pitch for the other books too, LOL). I'm so glad the new series is living up to expectations. The books were more of a challenge to write than my Andi books. Speaking of which, you said you've read the Andi and Taffy books. Did you know Andi grows up and there is a middle-grade series of her at age 12? Same reading level as Goldtown. In fact, this comment is posted as "Andi Carter," as she has her own blog and a bunch of fans who simply want more and more and . . . well, you get the idea.

Thanks again!
Susan Marlow

(my blogger account is linked to the blog "Andi" from my girls' historical series writers. But it's really me, so don't let the label confuse you.)


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