Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer is........ Mud pies and more

It made How about letting you kids get dirty?  

I recently took my kids to a lake and just let them play in the mud.  

Since playing in the mud isn't something they do daily, this was a real treat for them.  

Tyler made a "yummy mud pie". He kept telling me how tasty it was.  I don't *think* he ate any of it since his mouth was clean.  

He even got his clothes dirty, it was fine.  I chose not to get mad about it. 

Katey took her bug catching back pack, which is where all her bug catching supplies are.  

She had a blast searching for water skeeters.  She hasn't caught one as of yet. 

I also taught them how to skip rocks.  Since I am not a professional by any means, it didn't go over very well.  In think they understand the concept of it, just the actual getting a rock to skip takes practice. 
It made for a great fun morning! 

It was relaxing not to get stressed about all the dirt and mud. 

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