Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Couponing Made Simple


What is it: Couponing Made Simple

A 130 page book showing you “Simple Steps to Successful Couponing”

Written by: Christi the Coupon Coach

Price: $18.00, paperback or $4.99 Kindle format

Who it’s for: Anyone who wants to save money.

After all the couponing hype that was on TV a few years ago.  I thought;

“WOW, I would love to save all that money, but it looks like it’s own full time job!”  

I didn’t have time for all that!  I have a family to care for, a home to tend to, children to teach, and I work part time at a grocery store.

Christi has done the trial and error of organizing and the “how to” of it all.  She herself is a very busy mom. She makes sure you know that this is not extreme couponing like you see on TV.  This is real life couponing.  Real savings that are attainable without devoting your life to couponing.

She has laid all her proven techniques out in a book.  Not a long boring book.  A simple quick and to the point 10 Chapter book. 

  1. Success Stories -  This little chapter gets you lit up and excited as you see what other’s are saving in real life, everyday, you realize; this could be you!
  2. A New Way to Shop – She shares her two key rules to couponing here and shares with you how she shops.
  3. The Language of Couponing – Yes, couponing has it’s own language.  BOGO, Peelies, Blinkies, OOP, Stacking, and clipping service are just some of the terms you will learn here.  This also shows you all the places you can save. 
  4. Organizational System – With just 5 things she shows you how to get organized in no time at all!
  5. Step by Step Process – This 26 page chapter is the longest one in the book. She has broken what to do down into 8 simple (not overwhelming) steps.
  6. Tips and Tools – This chapter really got me thinking.  Wow, there are a lot of ways to save money that I never even knew.
  7. Couponing Ethics – Just because someone somewhere did a deal and got away with it, doesn’t make it right and it ruins couponing for everyone. 
  8. Networking and Communicating – Think of this as ways to continue your couponing education.
  9. Bonus Section – Other ways to save money while shopping. 
  10. Beyond Couponing – A deal not to miss out on!

While I have “dipped my toes” into couponing before,  and I have seen a few people couponing in my grocery store.  I could never find the time to clip every coupon nor did I have an organization system that wasn’t so time consuming not only to set up, it was time consuming to maintain.  Plus all the matching sale prices to coupons I would have had to do, who has the time for that? 

I live in a very small town with 2 grocery stores, 1 Kroger and 1 locally owned, 1 Wal-Mart and 1 K-Mart and 1 Walgreens.  Other than these stores, the rest are farm stores. Also my town is so small that we don’t get the weekly coupon fliers in the mail like they get in the big city.  I really didn’t think couponing would be possible.  I realized after reading this book that I was just making excuses as to why I couldn’t coupon.  Christi showed me that I can save some money, and every little bit helps. 

It only took me about 2 hours to read the entire book, and another hour or so to get the organization system in place.  I did have to and still continue to refer back to the book often. 

Christi’s book showed me real life couponing is nothing like you see on TV.  You will still save substantial amounts of money.  The book says it’s okay not to go to every store and get every deal.  She shares with you what is easy to get free. 

I love how with her system I don’t have to lug around a gigantic binder of coupons and flip through as I shop, making my trip to the grocery store take hours upon hours. 

I didn’t think to take any pictures of my deals; watch for them in the future!

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