Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nothing like a good time at the County Fair!


My entire life we have been going to the fair, State and County.  We even travel to other counties to take part in their fairs. 


This year we have been extremely busy during fair season, but we still managed to make it to our county fair. 


Opening Night we went to the Demolition Derby. 

They did this example of your brain on drugs and alcohol.  (The Slug Bug was a brain, and all the derby cars were labeled; drugs, alcohol, etc)


There were two rollovers in the main event.  Luckily no one was hurt!

DSC03068 DSC03071


I think that there is so much learning opportunity at fairs, (and alot of it is FREE).  However we did not do to many educational things at this fair this year.  Not everything we do has to be educational, right?


I hope that everyone supports their local fair, and festivities!  

We did have alot of fun at our County Fair. 


DSC03109  DSC03093


We rode some rides and saw some really big tractors.   


Then…….. the camera battery died.  


We did plenty of other fun stuff too. 

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