Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yes, I buy my Oreos in bulk



Oreos are a staple in our house, but not because we eat them every day.  But because they mean special time for my husband and I.  About once a week, after the kids go to bed, we pour us a glass of milk and get out the Oreos and just talk, or enjoy a show together on the couch. 


One box usually lasts about 2 months, and the cost me about $10.  And these are some of my most memorable times with my husband.  It keeps us connected and gives us time for just us.  We don’t even have to go out, or spend any money.


So whenever am shopping and I see a box of Oreos.  I just immediately think of how much I love my husband and the special times we have together over a package of Oreos. 


Penny said...

Sweet! :)

Unknown said...

Where do you buy your oreos in bulk? I'm looking to do so also!


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