Sunday, August 29, 2010

Using technology to teach.

This weeks blog cruise is about using technology to teach.

Yes, I use technology to teach.  I feel that I have to teach my kids how to use technology, and the best way is to use it.  So why not teach them two things at once. 

The technology I use most is the internet. 
We do have some of our favorite websites that have educational games on them. 

I also use some video games.  Katey has a Leapster.  Tommy and Emily have Nintendo DS’.  They have educational games, and some just for fun. 

I do download educational songs on their Ipods.  Such as skip counting songs.  They do also have non-educational songs on their Ipods as well. 

I do also use video’s to teach.  Sometimes we watch a show about a subject we are learning.  (We really like The Discovery Channel, and The History Channel.)

I do usually use this technology as a reward.  It works for us!

I also use technology such as the internet for me to learn how to teach things and get ideas from.

To see what others are saying about using technology in their homeschools check out the rest of the blog cruisers HERE!

There are some amazing resources out there!  

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