Thursday, August 12, 2010

My school room…. umm house.

Well this weeks theme over at Heart of The Matter is your school room

***Update*** Since this post was written we have moved, here is our new school area!

I must say in my house, there is no spare room for a school room.   We just utilize each room in our house.   Alot of things are done in the kitchen, because that is where I have a small bookshelf that I store some supplies.  And recently I have incorporated workboxes into our school and they are also stored in our kitchen.  You can see how I did that here
Sometimes we learn right on the frontroom floor.
Sometimes we use our big picture window in the kitchen as a writing board.  This day we were learning how to play suduko.
We often have “reading picnics” outside in our yard, or at a local park.

My older two children each have a desk and a bookshelf in their rooms, that way if they feel they need to be alone to work quietly.  They can go their.  They also each have their own favorite and current reading books in there.

If we are doing a more active/ loud activity we usually head downstairs to the family room.  (Especially if the baby is napping.)  This was us doing our Mexican Hat dance with history vocabulary words.

I don’t even know if we had a specific room for school if that would work for us. Since I often need to be doing other things around the house as well as helping each child.  There are many days that I do long for a school room, I have often thought about turning our TV room into a school room, but I just don’t know if it would work for us.  I might try that in the future, but for now, this is what works for us.


Abby said...

The window, what a fabulous idea! My oldest knows how to play suduko, but she would LOVE to play it on a window! Do you use dry erase markers?

Tammany said...

I see some window games in our future too... they're going to love it...
just so you kids thank you :):)
Have a great year!
Blessings Tammany

Anna P said...

We love writing on our windows too! Thanks for sharing your space =)


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