Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Times Tables for the visual learners


Times Alive is a visual learners dream come true for learning times tables!  It is a supplemental math program, full of fun comic, type cartoons.  Along with cute songs and memorization techniques.  One that I thought was neat is
x  3

You notice the pattern, 4,3,2,1…. You count down and to the left. 

Each multiplication table has a story to it.  First you watch the story.  Next you do an interactive activity.  (Enter the answer multiple times)

There are 18 lessons that cover the times tables 0-9.  There is also a pre-test and a post-test, along with progress checks throughout the program. 

In the beginning the lessons start with 3 items to do, pre-test, story, then the interaction activity.  Then you work your way up to 4 items each lesson and toward the end you are doing 5 items per lesson. 

For us, I had my 10 year old daughter Emily use this program on a regular basis, as most of you know she has been the one struggling with learning her times tables.  I have to admit, she still doesn’t have them down, and she says she doesn’t really like Times Alive.  She says she feels silly using it, like it’s to young for her.  If I would have used this 2 or 3 years ago, I think she would have really caught on quicker. 

My 5 year old Kindergartner, Katey was very interested in the videos and wanted to be able to do this for her her school work.  I am still working on number recognition and addition with her.  Once I am done with that, I plan on letting her use Times Alive as long as she wants to.

I feel that you still need to teach children what multiplication is (fast addition), and why we would use it, etc.  This is still a very fun way to get the facts down. 

Times Alive can be downloaded for $44.95 or you can purchase a CD version for $48.95.


City Creek Press also has other math related products such as Story Problems the Fun Way and Addition the Fun Way.   So be sure to check them out.


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{I received Times Alive download for free in return for my honest review, no other compensation was or will be received.}

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