Monday, February 28, 2011

Mud is here….Spring is near!

We have recently moved to a new town.  Which is a much smaller town then we were used to living in.  It is also much much colder here.  We went from being used to lows in the 20’s to lows in the       –20’s.  It has been so cold and snowy here that we are beginning to get that cooped up feeling.  Sunday was warmer, reaching 39 degrees F.  We decided to do some exploring in our town. 

I had heard from some “locals” that there were some really neat Petroglyphs in Dry Fork Canyon, which is right near us.   

We took a Sunday family drive to go and check them out.  We went through one of the most beautiful canyons I have seen.  I was so in awe that I forgot to take pictures. 

We arrived at the McConkie Ranch, followed the easily marked trail signs. Went on an amazing short hike.  Which was easy enough, but we were NOT prepared for the mud. 
I guess I thought the ground would still be frozen, since it did just snow 6” on Friday.
The kids all enjoyed the hike.  Everyone thought the petroglyphs were amazing.
S3010521 S3010523
Here is Emily explaining what she thought this one was.  Tyler was done being in the Moby, so we let him out to hike around on his own when the ground wasn’t to bad. 
The worst part was heading down the trail.  It was a loop.  Once we started heading back down the mountain it was like skiing on mud. 

We then decided to drive up the canyon further and it was so amazing. 
S3010528 S3010529

We decided to turn around, since the entire canyon loop is a 3 hour drive, in good weather.  The whole day was so much fun.  On the way home the kids were all talking about how much fun they had and how they can’t wait to come back and hike the other trails.  (We only took one short trail.)  They are already planning on packing a picnic lunch and picnicking at one of the many picnic sites we saw.  

So, even though the mud was a huge pain for us hiking, and got all our shoes and pants dirty.  I am glad it is muddy, because that means Spring is near! 

Stay tuned for many more of our adventures right in our own backyard.

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