Friday, February 25, 2011

Mathrider~A quest through Mathland!

Mathrider is a fun math drill game.  You ride a horse through Mathland, answering math facts to overcome hurdles.  The faster you jump the hurdle (answer the question), the faster the next question will come. 

Mathrider for us was great for all math drills, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


One thing I really liked about this game was the theme of the game.  It would be really great for children who like horses, or quests!  The quests entailed getting a secret flower to help your mother get well, and rescuing a princess, for examples. 

There is a practice section, and then the quest section.  So you can practice the facts before you go on the quest. 

At the end of your 30 question quest, you can see a status bar of the answers you got right, and how fast, or well you know the facts.  This way your child can immediately see which facts they need to work on more.  There is also a progress report that the you and your child both have access to.   What happens if you got the answer wrong, you ask?  Well then the entire math fact is recited back to the child.  As well as that fact will come up more often. 

One thing I feel that I should mention it that it does not allow you to work on two different sets of facts at once.  For example, you cannot work on addition and subtraction at the same time.  However I think the way around that would be to set up more than one profile, ie: Tommy multiply, Tommy divide.  You can set up to 10 profiles. 

Mathrider is priced at $37 on sale for a downloadable version of it. 

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

That is very cute! Saving that away if needed later with Remy or Noah. :) My friend has a child who loves horses and has had two horse parties in a row. He would love it.


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