Friday, February 18, 2011

Kids Scoop~ Chock full of reading!

Does your child resist sitting down and reading an book?   Are they still looking for what type of reading they would like to do? (fantasy, history, biography, fiction, non-fiction, etc)
If this sounds like your child, I would highly suggest looking into Kid Scoop.  They have a program for reluctant readers.  It basically consists of tons and tons of themes in a digital newspaper format for $97.  You select one, be it one of the few they suggest for that month, or one you think your child may find interest in.  I printed them out for my children, and stapled them in packet form.  Emily (4th) did Tadpoles, and Tommy (6th) did Hockey. 
Each packet has some reading and a variety of other activities.
Emily’s (Tadpoles) had
  • Reading about tadpoles
  • Proof reading page, where she had to correct the mistakes
  • Find the difference pictures
  • Vocabulary word
  • An enrichment activity (such as look in the classifieds of the newspaper for abbreviations)
  • Riddle writing. It gave a riddle and then she had to write her own similar.
  • Jokes
  • Word search
  • A maze with frog facts that you have to pass
  • A math area – she had to find different answers in a game called Lilly Pad Leap
  • Another writing activity.  - Read the classified ad selling a house.  Write your own classified ad selling a frog the perfect habitat.

Tommy’s (Hockey) had
  • Reading about hockey
  • Find the silly things picture
  • Fill in the missing letters
  • Unscramble the word
  • Zamboni dot to dot
  • Enrichment activity – put hockey words you know or find in ABC order
  • A proof reading page
  • Vocabulary word
  • A character cartoon about goo sportsmanship
  • An ice skater pattern puzzle
  • Write an alliteration about hockey
  • Joke
  • Word Search

I mean wow!  My children didn’t even think about this as being work.  It was more of an activity book in their eyes.  It is also an activity book in my eyes, but a very educational one.  I can see me printing off a few of these when we go on car trips.  Or when I am theme teaching I will print off ones that go with the theme I am teaching.  (IE. St. Patrick’s Day- The Blarney Stone)

This is not all you get from Kid Scoop.
They have something absolutely free!  That’s right for free you can get 30 days of great fun reading ideas delivered right to your inbox.  We did some of these as well. 
Tommy had to create a nutritious dinner for one of his favorite athletes, using the grocery store advertisements.  He also had to price out how much this meal would cost him to make.   
Emily had to do some research on our new town.  She had to find things out, like who is our Mayor, Who would you call if you found a lost dog (along with the phone number, where would you go to find out about special events your community was holding, and many more.  These things were all perfect since we had just moved to a brand new town. 

You get an idea like that every day for 30 days for free.  So go sign up for that HERE, and then come back and finish reading what else they offer.

Ok, so far we have covered that Kid Scoop offers you an amazing digital newspapers to download chock full of reading activities for $97  We have also covered that they offer 30 days of fun reading ideas sent right to you for free!

What we haven’t covered yet is the Kid Scoop website.  The website has many free resources such as recipes, great ideas, jokes, games, a pop quiz section, a weird facts section, talking points section- great ideas for dinner table talk, and the list just goes on and on.  Go check out their website and search around for a while.  The website also has a full color digital newspaper for children.  They even have a special one called My Kid Scoop, geared toward little learners.   
You can get the activity packets individual for $2.99 each. 

We really enjoy Kid Scoop.  It has really made reading so fun in our house.

{I received this product free of charge in exchange for a candid honest review.}

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