Friday, February 11, 2011

Quicksand! So much to learn.


Do your kids think quicksand is so cool?  Do you think it’s so cool when you can teach multiple subjects at once, using something your kids think is so cool?

If all that made sense to you,  and you answered “YES!”   Then you should read about our week.

PhotobucketWe have been using a quicksand unit study from amp;cPath=191_459" target="_blank">The Old Schoolhouse Curiosity Files Series.  Heidi Strawser is the project manager for this particular one, and possibly many more.  She is a normal homeschooling mom, who I think is super.  Many crew members are research assistants on this project as well. 

There is reading, math, spelling, vocabulary, writing, copywork, bible, and of course science.  Complete with experiments, on how to make your own quicksand.  Which for us really drove the lessons home.  

We learned quicksand safety, we learned some truths about quicksand and also some myths.  We also learned how not everything you see or hear isn’t true. 

This Quicksand came into our homeschool at such a great time.  We were falling into a rut.  A boring one.   We took a few days off from our routine and cured our curiosity about quicksand. 

S3010482The Curiosity Files are a fun change of pace for our homeschool and they could be for yours too.  They are also easily added to a homeschool day.


I love The Old Schoolhouse Store.  They have so many amazing reasonably price resources.  They even have a dollar section. (Where some of The Curiosity Files are on sale NOW!)

The Quicksand study right now is just $6.95.

You can purchase all of the Curiosity Files in CD-Rom form for $49.00 and have an entire year of fun science curriculum.

{I received The Curiosity Files Quicksand Study for free in order to write this honest review.  No other compensation was received.}

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