Monday, February 7, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday – Vegetarian Style

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

I just feel like clarifying:

We are not vegetarians, but that doesn’t mean we need to eat meat at every meal, or even every day. 

Left to right, top to bottom:
Orange Juice, Fork, Avocado slices, goldfish crackers, grits (butter flavored), peanut butter celery, peaches with whip cream, cream cheese celery.  

S3010431This was also Tyler’s very first time joining us in a Muffin Tin Meal.   These were all foods he had before, just the way it was served to it was new for him.  He seemed to really enjoy it being the same as the other kids.  He was smiling for this picture, I just must have not snapped it quick enough.

This week there is no theme over at Muffin Tin Mom, so be sure to go check out all the cool ideas other Muffin Tin Munchers came up with!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I would love grits right now. Nice tin!

SnoopyGirl said...

Wish my kiddos liked avocado! Happy Monday!

Sandy said...

I haven't had grits since I was a little girl. I wonder if my kids would eat them?


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