Thursday, March 3, 2011

Meet Tommy ~ 6th grade

I know that I don’t post very many pictures of Tommy on my blog.  That is because he doesn’t really like getting his picture taken.  However he did let me take pictures of him doing this fun experiment.

Tommy is really into cars and trucks, particularly the engines.  For Christmas he received Car Science, along with a model engine to build.  He has not been able to put Car Science down since.  The book is so full of information, in a very kid friendly format.  There are many pictures, and how does this work type descriptions.  There are also algebraic equations that show you how to figure out how fast a car can stop, depending on how fast they are going plus more involving gas mileage, tire size and what gear you are in. 

Car Science even has experiments in it.  We made our own gear box out of potatoes.  He had to slice potatoes.

Then he had to cut gears into them and attach them to a piece of cardboard with toothpicks.  Then we turned one potato to see how it would turn all of them.  It honestly did not work that well.  But it was very fun one on one time for us. 
Then we fried the ones we didn’t use for dinner.  (there were some that the gears broke as we were cutting them.)

I really love Tommy and this was special for us to have some one on one time together doing something that he is interested in. 

Tommy has been asking to build this model engine since he got it.  I on the other hand have always had an excuse.  We are moving, we are getting settled, we need to find somewhere to put it that Tyler and Katey cannot get to it, it’s to cold to work on it in the garage.  The list went on.  The other day, it came to me.  My closet, yes, that’s right, my closet, is the perfect place for it.  I can shut the door, to keep little kids out.  It’s in the house, so if he needs help, I am usually right there.  It is somewhere that it can be left out while he is working on it.  I told Tommy my idea, and he thought it was perfect.  We got right to work setting it up. 
While as of writing this post he has not officially started the build.  He is still reading through the TWO instruction manuals that came with it.  The space is ready when he is.

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