Thursday, March 10, 2011

We got chickens!


I have wanted chickens for a while now.  My friend Erica over at 365 days of my life as a MOM has chickens and they sounded like something I could handle.  We shall see!



We did it, we got 4 little chicks today.  We have been wanting them for a while now, for the fresh eggs and the educational experience.  I AM NOT AN ANIMAL PERSON.  So this is taking me completely out of my comfort zone.   They are so cute and I did dare pick one up once since we have been home and it was soft.



This is the little box we brought them home from the store in.  At home I had a big printer box in the garage, we lined the bottom of it with pine shavings and put them in it.  Then we filled up their feeder with medicated chicken starter food.  Their water bottle is filled with water and some probiotic medicine. We added a heat lamp and they are in the laundry room.




They will stay in the house until they get feathers, about 4-6 weeks.  Then they will move outside to a chicken coop.


Tyler loves them.  We really have to watch him around them.  We had to keep them in the laundry room for now, where we can shut the door, so he can’t get to them.  And to drown out the sound of their almost constant chirping. 



What we bought:

Lamp $15

Pine shavings $10  (a huge bail, there is enough to line the coop and nesting boxes when the time comes.)

Water bottle and feeder $7

Chick starter food $10 (there is enough to last until they go outside and are on chick scratch food)

and the chicks of course. 

We got two Americana’s (which lay blue and green eggs)

We got one Leghorn (white eggs)

We got one Sex Link (brown eggs)

The chicks ranged in price but were all around $3 each.


All varieties we chose are eggcellent egg layers!

They will take 6-8 months to lay eggs and should lay for about 2 years.


We looked at chicken coops at the farm store and online and man they are expensive.  I was going to buy plans so my Father-in-law could make me one.  (He loves projects).  He said his neighbors are giving away a chicken coop and we could have it.  Whoo hoo!  

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Erica Hall said...

Thanks for the "shout out". YAY - you got your chickens!! I woke up this morning to see mine running around my back yard - the wind must of blew the door open last night. Nothing like a good chicken round-up early in the morning!! Good Luck and let me know if you have questions. Did they tell you to look for pasting?


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