Friday, March 18, 2011

Park Day


Since moving to a completely new town where we don’t know anybody, or where anything is.  We are learning.  We drove around looking for a BMX track we had heard of, and we found out where it used to be.  Everyone was really bummed.  That means the closest track we know of is about two hours away.  When driving around we found a park that looked like so much fun.  We had to go play to lift everyone’s spirits.  The weather was so nice too. 

S3010557 S3010558

Tommy really enjoyed the curvy rock wall.


Emily enjoyed peeking out from it. 


Katey kept getting dizzy.


Tyler loved that there was toys just for him.


Katey climbing around.


Emily getting dizzy.


Tommy getting dizzy.


After being cooped up in the house from there being so much snow and it being so cold, this felt great!  Everybody loved getting all their energy out.  Tyler even began to go down slides all by himself for the first time. 

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