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Who Is God? And Can I Really Know Him?

PhotobucketI honestly had never used an actual religion curriculum, sure we read Scripture stories, and have Family Home Evening, go to Church and talk about what we believe.  I have looked at religious curriculums in the past and just never jumped on them.

By the grace of God, I was sent Who Is God? And Can I Really Know Him? Published by Apologica.  This is the first volume in a series of four. Two of the four volumes are available as this post is being written and the other two are coming out soon. 

Who Is God? And Can I Really Know Him?  - $39 and an MP3 Audio Cd is available for $15

Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here? - $39 and an MP3 Audio Cd is available for $15

Who Is My Brother? And Why Do We Need Each Other? – Available sometime 2011

What on Earth Can I Do? – Available sometime 2012

Ok, Ok, so on to my opinion. 

I love Apologia.  I have used their science curriculum.  And I reviewed a story book for them.  One of the many reasons I chose homeschooling is because there is no biblical perspective instilled in to public school education, and while I wasn’t using a specific curriculum before this, we were still allowed to discuss it whenever we wanted.  

Just like Apologia science, Who Is God? And Can I Really Know Him? is written to the student it is appealing for children ages 6-14.  While my 6 year old couldn’t read it on her own, nor would I want her teaching herself Bible, and she did not quite understand things fully, or as much as my 10 and 12 year olds.  This book was still a good introduction for her into the vocabulary of the bible and some concepts.  One great thing about this book is you can go though it at your child’s pace.  You could even skip the parts that were more advanced.  Then in a few years come back to it, and go through it completely.

I would read aloud to all my children, which we really enjoyed.  Sometimes my mouth would get tired, or dry, and I was wishing I had the Cd.  Most of the lessons are written to take about 2 weeks on the average we have noticed they have taken us a little longer.  Each lesson is divided into sections, we try for one section 3 times per week.  I do see how if you did a section every day it would be about 2 weeks. 

There are 10 extensive lessons in this book, they are;

  1. Where Am I Building My Life?
  2. How Can I Know What’s True?
  3. What Is God Like? (Part 1)
  4. What Is God Like (Part 2)
  5. Who Are The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit?
  6. If God Created The World, Why Isn’t It Perfect?
  7. Why Did God Create Me?
  8. Will God Meet All My Needs?
  9. Why Does Sin Keep Me From Knowing God?
  10. Is Jesus The Only Way To God?

Each lesson has vocabulary words, Hide it in your Heart (verse memorizing), Integrated Learning, What Should I Do? (how to apply the character traits), Prayer, Worldview Study, and House of Truth (a visual aid, which continues to build after each lesson.)  Along with more sections depending on the lesson. 

This book is said to be a non-denomination Christian based book.  While I found that it did fit with our LDS beliefs, I just made sure we were memorizing the verses from the KJV of the Bible, that we use, and not the NIV that they used. 

There are printables to go along with this book on Apologia’s website.  Available free with the purchase of the book.

We really enjoy this book as it has opened the door to communicating more with my children about what we believe and why.  While I fully believe in God, and Christ, these are some question’s even I have had though out my life.  This book is helping my entire family become closer to God, and instilling Godly Characteristic traits in us. 

This book could also be used as a Family Home Evening resource.  It would obviously take you longer if you only did it once a week, or even did a lesson once a month. 

To see what other crew members thought of this book check out the blog post

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{I received this book for free in order to write this honest review.  No other compensation is being exchanged.}

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