Friday, March 25, 2011

Big IQ Kids

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Big IQ Kids is an online learning program geared toward K-8th grades.  It has 4 programs that are free; Spelling, Math, US States, and Vocabulary. 

They also have a spelling game and vocabulary game for free!

They also have a free interactive E book, and a free vowel program. 

Can you believe all this free stuff?

It gets even better, they have a Premium section as well.  Check out the difference between the Free vs Premium here
Check out premium pricing here.  They have many pricing options depending on what you want.  There is even a package discount.

I received the Premium programs to review as part of TOS Review Crew.  All of my experiences are based on Premium levels.

Big IQ Kids

I have been mostly using this program with Emily. My 10 year old.  At first I was using this as more of a reward website.  When she did extra good work, or earned free time on the computer.  I just had this website added as one she could choose to go to or not. 

I noticed she was going to this website almost every time.  It was easy to know when she was on it, because every time you get on the website there is a computer generated voice that lets you know you are there.

She loved the spelling program.  She was a decent speller, but came to me with spelling questions often.  Since using this program she has came up 3 levels in spelling.  The Spelling program has premade lists to learn or you can customize your own list.   Be sure you have speakers so they can tell you the word.

The Math program is also customizable.  You can set it to the level your child is at or let the computer generate a level for your student.  I decided to let the computer generate a level for Emily.  That way she could get reinforcement in areas she had already learned but needed additional help in. 

The US States program teaches children the Name, abbreviation, capital, location and general facts.  We had been using other things to learn these, such as flashcards.  So this was just an added practice for her.  She is still working on getting 100% to received her State Master Certificate. 

The Vocabulary program is very similar to the spelling program.  It has preloaded lists of words, or you can customize your own. 

Since the beginning, I have changed this website to be a learning time website, but it is also on our free time website list.  I still find her going to it during free time. 

PhotobucketI would have to say this website is a hit with us.   It is definitely worth checking out the free portions.  You can also get a free 7 day trial of the premium packages.

Check out what other crew members said about Big IQ Kids Here

{I received a year premium subscription to this website in order to write this honest review.  No other compensation was exchanged.}

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