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BeeYouTiful is the type of company that genuinely cares about their products. They care that they are safe for humans and nothing is ever tested on or derived from animals.

They offer a variety of health, wellness and beauty products.

I was sent some things from their skincare line. I received a smaller version of their foundation (full size $25.00), a smaller version of their eye shadow (full size $10.00), a sample packet of their eye shadow in a color for my lips. (yes, their eye colors can be used on you lips!) a foundation brush $11.00,  and a combo brush $6.50

I have been using there mineral makeup for the past few weeks.  Now, I have used cheap (as in cheap in price, therefore made cheaply with cheap materials) mineral makeup in the past.  I had no idea all the fillers that they use in it.  BeeYouTiful uses absolutely no fillers, they get their color by heating the different minerals to different temperatures.  Having no fillers means a few things to me. 

  • no allergens are used, like gluten, or artificial colors, scents, flavors and more.
  • No dyes.  
  • a little goes a long way.  You use very little makeup and it covers a lot.  Let me show you what I mean by very little going a long way.

Here I am before makeup.


Here is the amount of makeup I plan to use.  The black lid is the foundation, the clear lid is the eye shadow.


Here is how much makeup is left when I am done applying it.  Notice, I used all the foundation, but not nearly all of the  eye shadow. Also notice the amount of foundation I did use. Not very much.


Here I am after makeup.  I timed myself and did not rush myself.  Less than 5 minutes total time and I used my own eye liner and mascara.


  Now, I am just a mom and I go for a more natural look.  I like the coverage this foundation gives me.  It really evens out my skin tone. It lasts all day too!  I don’t even feel like I have makeup on. 

Check out these side by sides.



Before BeeYouTiful Makeup               After BeeYouTiful Makeup

They help you choose a shade to match your skin and even have sample sizes for you to be sure and get the best shade for you. 

Choosing the correct shade is the hardest part.  Once you have done that.  Ordering and using this makeup is a breeze.  Their shipping time is very quick. 

Their foundation brush is so nice. It is so soft on my skin and I have yet to have a hair fall out on my face.  (Which was a problem with my previous brush.) 

Their combo brush has two sides, a thick one and a thin one.  The two sides make it great to apply their eye shadow exactly where you want it on your eyes, or even lips. Yes, you can use all of their eye colors on your lips as well.  I tried this and noticed they do look great.  However, sometimes I lick my lips and it tasted gross.  Smile 

Their eye colors come in 45 shades, all shades can be used on the eyes or the lips.  The foundation colors come in 24 colors with blushes and bronzers coming in 7 different colors.

One thing that really helped me is to watch their application video.

I learned how they get different colors without using dyes or fillers in their Knowledge Base


The Crew tried out a variety of items from BeeYouTiful from makeup, to skincare, to wellness products.  Check out the different reviews here.

I have reviewed for BeeYouTiful in the past and was very impressed with those items as well.  In fact, the longer I have had their items, the more I like them. 

To see a wide variety of reviews check out our crew blog.


Disclosure: As a member of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew I review products like this, which I receive for free in order to be able to share my honest opinion. 


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