Sunday, October 7, 2012

Busy Bag-A-Thon ~Week 1~


Welcome to my Busy Bag-A-Thon!

It seems like this time of year we are needing to find more things to keep our toddlers and preschoolers busy.   I have recently participated in a busy bag swap and have acquired quite a few ideas.  Some are my own, but many are from the swap. 

Each Sunday for a total of 4 weeks I will be posting a variety of busy bag ideas.


My Album 2-001

  1. Simply a nut can with shape holes cut in the lid and pom poms to stick through.  So simple, yet so fun. 
  2. A bean bag and a piece of string.  Be creative here, make a shape to through the bean bag in.  Have your child walk the string line with the bean bag on their head.
  3. Paint chip matching with clothespins.
  4. Shape pictures.  Cut out colorful shapes and create designs with them.  Take pictures of each design for your child to recreate.
  5. Homemade I Spy book.  Take pictures of groups of your child’s toys, then take individual pictures a few toys for them to find.
  6. Button Shape Matching.  Cut out or trace shapes of buttons and  have your child match buttons to them.
  7. Bug matching game. Use simple clipart to create a matching game for your child.
  8. Sticker matching game. Put fun sticker shapes on one side of the paper, have your child match it on the other side.
  9. Popsicle stick puzzle.  Use white glue or Modge Podge to glue a picture on the sticks and then cut apart.  Have a second picture so your child can know what they are building.
  10. String pony beads on pipe cleaners.
  11. Homemade marble maze.  Take two pieces of felt and sew together, with a marble inside and sew lines partway across.

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